Greenhouse Effect

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The cycle of the Greenhouse Effect
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The Greenhouse Effect is when the sun heats the earth, a small percent of it is reflected by the atmosphere, while more than half of it is absorbed. When it hit the ground some will be absorbed and most will be reflected. Because of greenhouse gases such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and methane, these gases blocks the heat from escaping the earth's atmosphere thus causing a trapped heat inside the Earth. This effect simply warms the earth.


- After the sun sets, the Earth cools down by giving off a different form of energy, called infrared radiation.

-Some of the suns rays bounce off the Earths atmosphere and back into space.

-Those gas molecules in Earth's atmosphere with three or more atoms are called "greenhouse gases" because they can capture outgoing infrared energy from the Earth thereby warming the planet.

-Global warming intensifies the Greenhouse effect because it releases additional greenhouse gases into space.