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Earthquake: An earthquake occurs because of stress and forces of energy inside Earth's crust. These forces build up slowly and become so strong, they cause rocks to break underground. When this happens, tremendous energy is released suddenly in the form of motion that spreads out in all directions from the break, causing the ground to shake and move. This sudden release of energy and movement could cause damage to homes, buildings, and automobiles. People, animals and other things could also get hurt by earthquakes if they aren't taking safety precautions.

-Earthquakes are one of the most powerful natural forces on earth and regularly affect people around the world.
-Earthquakes are defined as a vibration of the earth's surface that occurs after a release of energy in the earth's crust.
-Most earthquakes are quite small but are not readily felt.
-Larger and more violent earthquakes are those that occur in a release of energy as the plates slide past or collide into one another.
-There are 3 faults: Normal, Reverse and Strike-Slip.
-The Richter scale measures the energy released by an earthquake while the Mercalli scale measures the intensity at a particular location.

ANSS- Advanced National Seismic System
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