Multi Stage Rocket

Multi Stage Rocket A multi stage rocket is a rocket that uses two or more stages, each with its own engine and propellant, to travel through space.The result is two or more separate rockets, attached either on top or next two each other.The first stage is at the bottom and is usually the largest, the second stage and subsequent upper stages are above it, usually decreasing in size.
Once fuel is used up in a certain stage of the rocket, that stage can be dropped, making the rocket lighter. The lighter the rocket, the more fuel efficient and faster it can go. Also, each stage can have a different motor specific to the area it would be traveling through at the time the motor will need to be used.
Staging makes the motors not being used until later in flight and the entire rocket more difficult to build. In addition, each staging event has a greater probability of something going wrong. There could be separation failure, ignition failure, or stage collision as well as normal rocket failures.
Multistage Rocket 7.jpg
NASA Multi Stage Rocket

Multistage Rocket 9.jpg
Diagram of a Multi Stage Rocket

Multistage Rocket 1.jpg
Parts of a of Multi Stage Rocket
Multistage Rocket 3.jpg
Different Types of Mutli Stage Rockets

Multistage Rocket 5.jpg
Multi Stage Rocket in Flight

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