Air Masses and Fronts

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Air Masses

Air massses are classified on their moisture and temperature traits.
There are four common types of air masses.There is polar, tropical,
continental, maritime, and continental artic.

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Type of Front
A front is a boundary or
something seperating two masses.
They are classified by the type of air mass is
replacing or taking place of the other.
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Warm air front occurs when a cold air mass is receding or when a warm air mass is taking
place of the cold air mass.

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A cold air mass occurs when it is replacing
or the place of a warm air mass that is receding.
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Types of Fronts

There are stationary and occluded fronts too. A stationary
front doesn't move, the occluded front are where the cold fronts are faster or can keep
up to the warm fronts.All types of fronts include are the cold fronts,warm fronts,
stationary fronts, and the occluded front.